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  Some Motherfuckers by Lulu*

Some Motherfuckers cover art

Artist: Lulu*
Title: Some Motherfuckers
Catalogue Number: Nub Music
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Somewhere over the rainbow. No idea why that particular phrase popped into my head but it was, perhaps, a side effect of exposure to the wonders of Lulu* and her album “Some Motherfuckers”. That, or a sugar overload situation caused by ten plates of Coco Pops. They do, after all, make the milk chocolatey.

I don’t know how many plates of Coco Pops Lulu* - the asterisk is hers, not mine – might have had but it must have been many. Not that she is sugar coated or sugar obsessed for she is, instead, really rather strange but strange in a good way (and there is such a thing). She is the sort of singer that would overload the unwary at an arts festival with a selection of her quirky and ironic songs that boomerang inside your head and, whilst determinedly lo-fi in execution, she nonetheless ends up seeming larger than life.

God knows what a psychologist would make of these songs – something along the lines of anger management therapy urgently needed, perhaps – but her world is clearly some twenty degrees out of orbital alignment with ours. Not that I am complaining for I worship at the altar of the individual and Lulu* is nothing if not a one of a kind antidote to the smiling apathy of the modern day musical machine.

So, is “Some Motherfuckers” likely to end up on album of the year lists for 2019? Probably not but it damn well should be. I have no idea what drives Lulu* to make music like this but I pray that it won’t be too long before her next album comes along.

Best song? The manic lo-fi “Destroy Me”.

The Verdict? Lulu* is an original. Buy the album now!
Review Date: September 8 2019