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  Massive Success by Charles Boyd

Massive Success cover art

Artist: Charles Boyd
Title: Massive Success
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

Another day. Another month. Another year. Another Charles Boyd album. There is an inevitability to it all and my least favourite troubadour – and I use the term in the most generous way – has indeed done it again with his new release “Massive Success”.

Normally, a hapless reviewer has to do the words of wisdom thing in a single pass as listening to a Charles Boyd album is likely to cause you to do the Van Gogh and cut your ears off. This time, however, there is what could be taken a serious attempt a writing a song for an audience other than blow up doll users. That song is the opener “Witness to Schizophrenia” and it almost makes the album worthwhile. Almost, as the lack of vocal talent and musical skill very nearly drags the song down into the detritus that is the remainder of this album. Loyal Charles Boyd fans – are there such things? – will, of course, be pleased to note that 70% of the songs here feature profanity, misogynism and juvenile fantasies.

I have to, as a committed Christian, admire Charles Boyd for showing the kind of persistence in continuing down his own artistic dead end street in a manner that would be worthy of praise if he did anything else. Anything else. Like working in a call centre or taking a dump on a crowded train. Anyway, on a lyrical note, did Rodgers and Hart ever use the phrase “cum stained wedding dress” in any of their classic songs? Nope. Charles Boyd does, and he did it by song three. Let’s face it. An album hasn’t anywhere to go after that.

Note to God. Please send a nice woman to Charles Boyd’s house as this might put his life in order. Might be a plan to send her mother along as well.
Review Date: September 14 2019