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  Fun While It Lasted by Lexxi Raine

Fun While It Lasted cover art

Artist: Lexxi Raine
Title: Fun While It Lasted
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

What the world needs now is love. After all, without love what would the songwriters of the world of today and yesterday write about? That is perhaps a question for the philosophers amongst you but in the meantime, we have “Fun While it Lasted” by New York’s Lexxi Raine to consider.

Sure enough, she does the usual girl and acoustic guitar thing with “Body” and “Fire & Ice” but she is clearly not content to simply wear her heart on the sleeve and call it an organic soya latte day. For one thing, she has a rather more perceptive take on matters of the heart in these halcyon days and has no problem putting her thoughts into song with “He Says She Says” being the prime example of this. Throw in some fuzzed up guitars, breathless charm and pure eighties retro stylisations – much as Peach Kelli Pop or The Aquadolls also do – and the result is as radio friendly as it would have been if it had been released in 1989.

So, as you might have expected, Lexxi Raine does indeed write songs about love but she does so with less introspection and more analysis than most do. That makes “Fun While It Lasted” a much more enjoyable listen than I had expected. I think I shall put this one on repeat.
Review Date: September 15 2019