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  Blue Country Steel by Dave Arcari

Blue Country Steel cover art

Artist: Dave Arcari
Title: Blue Country Steel
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

5 songs with nothing other than his trusty National resonator guitar for company, Dave Arcari takes us down the well trodden path of the blues. Starting with "Dreamt I was 100", he hits the road on that long journey to redemption. His gruff vocals and sterling resonator guitar work bring poignancy to this time honoured tale.  "Rough Justice" is solid old time country blues on the theme of betrayal. Just the kind of thing that the old time practitioners would have approved of. "Close to the Edge" snarls and spits in a story of revenge. That resonator guitar is an unusual instrument these days. For those of you unfamiliar with this mechanically amplified guitar, it produces a quite unique sound that has become associated with the blues. Played with fire with our Mr Arcari, it makes for a sonic treat.

This mini album is honest music. Dave Arcari has no pretensions. He plays music that is straightforward and to the point. That makes it something of a rarity these days. It will never, therefore, go out of fashion. So add it to your record collection today. You can play it tomorrow, you can play it five years from now and it will never grow stale. That's quality and that's value for money.
Review Date: July 17 2007