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  Goodbye Honeymoon Phase by Kitten

Goodbye Honeymoon Phase cover art

Artist: Kitten
Title: Goodbye Honeymoon Phase
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

You can’t go far wrong with a big slice from the power pop cake. That, at least, is my sugar coated opinion and “Goodbye Honeymoon Phase” by Los Angeles band Kitten will satisfy the appetite of anyone who might be missing the precision of proper pop songs.

All five songs on this EP could easily be described as radio friendly and Kitten duly tick off the retro style boxes as they hit each of these songs right out of the door of their time machine. However, there is more here than mere revivalism of the deity that once was Wheatus and, if you examine “Memphis” and “Distraction” more closely, then you might conclude that Kitten are actually masters of disguise with regard to social commentary. I like a song that you can sing along with yet I always end up being truly seduced by the meat on the bones and, in that regard, Kitten certainly do not disappoint with the precise arrangements neatly obscuring the deeper message of confronting conformity when and where you can.

So, there you have it,” Goodbye Honeymoon Phase” turned out to be rather more substantial than the obvious retro power pop stylisations might suggest and that makes Kitten a band to be stroked until sunrise.

Best song? The sharp edged “Memphis”.

The verdict? Plenty good enough for me and you.
Review Date: October 21 2019