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  Sunkissed by Veronica Fusaro

Sunkissed cover art

Artist: Veronica Fusaro
Title: Sunkissed
Catalogue Number: Deepdive Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

And as the man with the plan pondered the current state of pop music in the world of today, he thought to himself that there must be someone out there who can nail a tune to the radio just like it used to be done in days gone by. Barely had he considered possible conclusions to his musings when, lo and behold, along came Veronica Fusaro and her EP “Sunkissed”.

As many will have said, anything is possible, and it didn’t more than a song before the man with the plan realised that Veronica Fusaro had what it takes to make a man sing her songs whilst stopped at the traffic lights of life and, out of the blue, the man with plan duly jumped into the chorus of “Rollercoaster” with nothing short of gusto before going large on the ballad budget to add “Hello Old Friend” to his morning vocal workout.

As the man with the plan nudged his life into third gear, he thought to himself that the music business can’t be such a bad place after all if sharp song writing can survive and that joyous fact could very well make Veronica Fusaro a pop princess for our times. Long may she be featured in montages on network television.

Best song? The infectious “Rollercoaster”.

The verdict? Sharp song writing always triumphs.
Review Date: October 21 2019