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  Every and All We Voyage Upon by R Elizabeth

Every and All We Voyage Upon cover art

Artist: R Elizabeth
Title: Every and All We Voyage Upon
Catalogue Number: Nightschool Records
Review Format: Vinyl LP
Release Year: 2019

They say a fool and his money are easily parted and this fool was indeed easily parted from his cash by this unassuming album by R Elizabeth. The question that must, however, be answered is whether “Every And All We Voyage Upon” was a true act of larceny or, indeed, a blessing in disguise.

“Every And All We Voyage Upon” starts out as if designed to comply with the expectations of the arthouse as strange tape distorted noises are substituted for musical purpose. This proves, however, to be merely a diversion from what becomes a clear and present adoration of the early days of synth pop and, indeed, of the injection of analogue synthesiser technologies into the popular mindset. The result is curiously compelling especially if your ears were brought up on the innocent candy floss sounds of the bands like Strawberry Switchblade or the soundtrack to the kind of science fiction films that were borne to live forever on VHS such as Don Preston’s soundtrack for “Android”.

So, underneath the ever present sonic obfuscation, there beats a heart that yearns for the days when technology didn’t get in the way of the song and, in that minor key way, R Elizabeth provide a distinctly tangible link between now and then. This fool is therefore rather glad that he was so easily parted from his cash by this blessing in disguise.

Best song? The simple synth pop of “An Image Is Different”.

The Verdict? Well worthy of your attention.
Review Date: November 10 2019