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  Lynne McIntosh EP by Lynne McIntosh

Lynne McIntosh EP cover art

Artist: Lynne McIntosh
Title: Lynne McIntosh EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Bluesbunny picked this one up on one of his regular forays to see some of that live music. A native of Clydebank, singer songwriter Lynne McIntosh has been playing at a number of venues throughout Glasgow. Hear it live and buy the CD. That has been the downfall of the Bluesbunny finances on many occasions over the years.

Her voice has a gentle vibrato and is suited to the slower material that makes up the 4 tracks on this EP. "Guardian Angel" is a sweet and simple love song. "Sleep Tonight" is a surprisingly sensitive song for one so young and is the highlight of this release. "I Need You" is filled out with a band and this complements her voice as well. There is a certain poetry to her lyrics that will touch you. Rounding things off is a curiosity. When she was at school, she did some work with Carol Laula. The resulting song, "Boxed In", is included here as a bonus. We think this EP is a rather promising start.
Review Date: July 15 2007