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  Love Magyck by Gold Furs

Love Magyck cover art

Artist: Gold Furs
Title: Love Magyck
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

There are times when everybody must wonder if they really need sugar in their coffee or, indeed, the computerised sheen of the music of today. Gold Furs – aka Becca Murray of The Raptors – might well have thought along those lines as her EP “Love Magyck” strips everything apart from the reverb away and leaves us with six songs that exist somewhere between the primitive and the primal.

I suppose that is, in artistic terms, the point as, with little more than a guitar and a keyboard, she can deep dive into a sea of reverb in search of the kind of emotional catharsis that can only really be found when drowning in the sea of lost love. No need to worry about complex musical arrangements or guitar solos either when you have enough gothic melodrama in your hands to paint the walls in shades of red and black.

If anguish were to equate to record sales, then Gold Furs would be top of the charts. No doubt about it.

The EP is available from Bandcamp and the usual digital places.

Best Song? The woozily sentimental “Wish”.

The Verdict? One for the darkness.
Review Date: November 10 2019