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  Brutal Pop EP by SUN

Brutal Pop EP cover art

Artist: SUN
Title: Brutal Pop EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

It often seems that music has become so safe that it is has become just another commodity that can be consumed without conscience or consideration. It was, therefore, distinctly refreshing to have my ears assaulted by a combination of angst and anger metamorphosed into a metal meat cleaver designed to get even with such mediocrity. Welcome to the world of “Brutal Pop” by SUN.

This EP has four songs that will just about overdose you on brutality. From the theatrical sledgehammer that is “I Killed My Man” to the muscular conventionality of “Fast Car”, SUN prove themselves to be a band with a desire to strike out and be heard. Sure enough, the sandpaper, if very female, vocal stylisations and manic power drumming expected of the genre are present to give your neighbourhood metalhead a reference point yet SUN aren’t just another pair of noise makers in search of fame through a combination of adrenaline and volume for, underneath the posturing, there is a notable degree of emotional intensity that turns these songs into captivating performances.

While those whose ears have been turned to metal will much that is familiar in these songs, the rest of us will recognise that SUN also have the power to attain escape velocity and transcend the genre boundaries.

Best Song? “I Killed My Man” has got to be the song of the year.

The verdict? Anger is compelling.
Review Date: December 1 2019