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  Down The Road of Mainstream by De Marion

Down The Road of Mainstream cover art

Artist: De Marion
Title: Down The Road of Mainstream
Catalogue Number: Noja Recordings
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

Think of something that isn’t quite right but just about works all the same and that something might well be “Down The Road of Mainstream I Say You, Canzone” by De Marion.

To think of this album as being a collection of songs might lead you to expect a degree of completeness that was clearly not in the original concept. Some of the songs here do sometimes reach a stage where all is as it nearly should be but most are a curious assortment of right hand down ponderings, loops, samples and odd, seemingly random, ramblings. The benefit of this approach is that unconventionality is allowed to escape into the wilderness of your mind dragging with it fragments of musical anguish and warped out of rationality words.

Some might call this trippy and some might even call it mellow reflections of a wandered mind and either of these descriptions could be classed as accurate for De Marion drifts where others would drive and this album, consequently, feels most at home in your headphones where, with the world isolated, you can join him on his journey.
Review Date: December 7 2019