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  Far From Here by Clara Joy

Far From Here cover art

Artist: Clara Joy
Title: Far From Here
Catalogue Number: OK Tapes
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2019

You would think that I would know better by now. Stay away from that Internet thing or you too will keep finding music that you feel the need to write about. All I was doing, after all, was checking out just how many homebrew musicians actually release their music on the venerable cassette format these days.

So it was that Clara Joy and her EP “Far From Here” came to my attention and if, like me, you find the fascism of computer conformity bad for the digestion then you will likely find these five songs a musical substitute for Alka-Seltzer. Now, these songs aren’t epic meals by any means but, with the honesty that comes from having her music in in the same room as her thoughts, Clara Joy easily casts a spell made of regret, alienation, insecurity and dreams over your ears that takes you on a journey from the wistful musings of “How To Write A Song” sideways into the rather more grandiose Major Tom territory of “Goodbye Spaceship”.

That makes “Far From Here” an appealing discovery that transcends its modest presentation to become something that makes your more melancholy moments special.

Clara Joy cassette

Best song? “How To Write A Song”.

The verdict? An appealing bend of charm and honesty.

Available from Bandcamp (and on cassette too!).
Review Date: December 15 2019