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  Blackwing Yalobusha by Moaners

Blackwing Yalobusha cover art

Artist: Moaners
Title: Blackwing Yalobusha
Catalogue Number: YepRoc Records YEP2140
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Yep Roc Records always seem to manage to bring us something a bit outside the norm. They also go out of their way to give value for money as well. Not only do we get the 12 songs that make up this new album from the Moaners but we also get a documentary on the enhanced part of this CD.

Hard driving guitar from Melissa Swingle and primal drumming from Laura King push these songs along. It is not polished by any means but that is no bad thing. You can swell the sweat. You get dragged in by the sheer earthiness of it all. "When We're Dead and Gone" is a dark and stormy trip to hell with only a "scottish ballad" for company. "Poor Souls" likewise exudes the emptiness that is left when hope and belief desert you. Mind you, they do find time for a reflection on the teenage style crush with "I Think I Love You". Our favourite was the skewed bit of musical poetry that was "Hopelessly Lost" - it was just this side of out of control but definitely out of the darkness and on the way back to redemption.

This album has that grungy swamp rock feel to it. Once you have listened to this album, you might well consider them as a southern White Stripes. They have the same rawness and commitment to music but lack that dash of theatrical drama that the aforementioned White Stripes possess. Certainly worth checking out nonetheless and as we are fond of saying - best played loud.
Review Date: July 15 2007