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  Est. 1983 by Petra Taylor

Est. 1983 cover art

Artist: Petra Taylor
Title: Est. 1983
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

This time of year is one that traditionally encourages reflection so I got to wondering what happened to the singer songwriters that were once the lifeblood of the many acoustic nights that formed most of the Glasgow music scene. Several imported beers and some Internet browsing later, one woman and her guitar came to my attention. Her name was, and hopefully still is, Petra Taylor.

Much of what is contained withing her album “Est. 1983” is conventional yet, even within the boundaries brought on by budget and genre expectations, there is a rather generous sprinkling of magic. Adding sparkle to her songs comes easily to Ms. Taylor and, whilst skilfully weaving her songs from the threads of cabaret, melancholy and desire, she magically makes her album into one highly unlikely to drive you into the arms of the Samaritans as, by decorating even the most downbeat of her words with an endearing playfulness, she provides evidence that these songs are the work of someone who is destined to entertain.

So, with the New Year approaching at warp speed, what will the future bring for the singer songwriters of Glasgow? Hopefully good things as Petra Taylor, for one, deserves to have the sunshine of success beam down upon her.

Best song? The buoyant “Give Me Some Time”.

The verdict? Sparkling simplicity is her style.
Review Date: January 6 2019