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  Birds of Ontario by Birds of Ontario

Birds of Ontario cover art

Artist: Birds of Ontario
Title: Birds of Ontario
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Sometimes it pays to keep to the beaten path and sometimes it doesn’t. For Canadian band The Birds of Ontario, their decision to keep to the old school solid rock path works out pretty well for them, and us, with their self titled album duly providing much that will please blue collar ears on a beer soaked Friday night.

To pull such a thing off does, of course, requires an investment in the development of musical skills to translate the sounds of yesterday in to the cold reality of today and it is to the credit of Joe Roncetti and Eric Grosvenor – the voice and fingers behind The Birds of Ontario – that they have done just that with particular poise thus making songs like “She’s Got Time” and “Give It” quickly into old friends.

So, if you are of a certain age or if you simply like music that you can drink, dance and drink some more to, then this album will work well for you.
Review Date: January 31 2020