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  Non Merci by Clemix

Non Merci cover art

Artist: Clemix
Title: Non Merci
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

I am beginning to think that Belgium might be my favourite country. That’s not just because of the beer either for there is also much of musical merit to be found within that country’s borders with “Non Merci” by Clemix providing me with five more reasons to move there.

The reason for my enthusiasm, I hear you ask? While you can sense the influence of the dancefloor in these five songs, that does not distract from the simple fact that Clemix has provided us with fine examples of playful pop music in the polished modern idiom and also delivered them with a healthy amount of style.

Yet perhaps the most interesting thing about Clemix is that she doesn’t really do candyfloss for, despite the generally upbeat tone of this EP, she has no problem digging into the darkness with “Mauvais Plan” and “Motherfucker” successfully mixing bleaker emotions into her rigidly rhythmic compositions.

So, all in all, that makes “Non Merci” a success and, duly, Clemix can be crowned an urban pop princess.

Best song? The super cool “C’est Commun”.

The Verdict? Style and substance combined.
Review Date: February 7 2020