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  Incandescence by Karine Germaix

Incandescence cover art

Artist: Karine Germaix
Title: Incandescence
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

Ah, the sound of synchronicity! What else could it be when you hear something that just sounds right and so it was with “Incandescence” by Karine Germaix.

There might only be five songs on this EP and no one present steps off the path to the continental equivalent of the Emerald City. The staccato “Je Brûle” starts us off on this musical journey using both accordion and chanson inspired melodrama to entice us to follow. And follow we do with “L’apnée” providing an explanation for both course and speed while “Des Mots Crazy” turns the incongruous into a reflection of the sounds of the past. “Sur le Pressoir” picks up the pace without losing the inherent theatricality of all that has happened before Karine Germaix spirals into infinity with “Tout est Dense”.

That may well have sounded like an overload of pretension, yet nothing here is in any way inaccessible and it is a testament to Karine Germaix and her collaborator’s abilities that “Incandescence” remains both purposeful and forever organic.
Review Date: February 14 2020