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  Get Along Girl by Casey & Chris & the Two Stringers

Get Along Girl cover art

Artist: Casey & Chris & the Two Stringers
Title: Get Along Girl
Catalogue Number: Arrandem Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

As the children of Red and Murphy Henry - respected Virginian husband-wife musical duo - Casey and Chris are no strangers to bluegrass, and this doesn't go unnoticed by this reviewer. Casey plays banjo and Chris plays mandolin. Guitar, bass, and fiddle also feature on occasion. Get Along Girl' is the latest release from these Nashville-based siblings. A variety of cover songs, alongside a couple of well-crafted originals, make for an enjoyable venture into bluegrass territory.

Right off, the quality of the playing is apparent. "Two Hands on The Wheel" is driven by Casey's breakneck banjo and very agreeable vocals. The second track, "Walkin' Back to Memphis", slows things down somewhat, with Chris taking over lead vocal duties. The duo's vocals work best when together, as neither has a particularly outstanding voice. That said, it is not hard to warm to the vocals when the accompanying music is so enjoyable. One track that really stands out is "Hold Back the Waters", penned by Floridian folk hero Will McLean following a hurricane that devastated 1920s Florida. The album ends on a fitting note with the deceptively cheery -sounding "Sweet Heaven in My View", an old time gospel song performed by Casey with all the passion of a woman on her deathbed.

Though the pair are decent singers, it is the instrumental numbers that will inevitably get the old libations flowin'. On tracks like "Pass the Eagle" - an up-tempo instrumental with Casey and Chris trading licks throughout - Casey and Chris sound like a distant incarnation of The Dubliners, should they have been reared on Virginia Gentleman instead of Jameson's. Well worth a listen if you like a little bluegrass in your collection.
Review Date: July 18 2007