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  Scratch by Supercuts

Scratch cover art

Artist: Supercuts
Title: Scratch
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

Can you have an EP of three thirds when there are only five tracks? Well, you can if you count as badly as I do so, without further ado, let’s throw the calculator in the bin, get the knife out and carve up these songs from Glasgow’s up and coming popsters Supercuts.

So, what’s in the recipe for their EP “Scratch”. Well, there is the outright poppy sub three minute “And I Think Of You” as well as the downbeat realism of “Sometimes” and “Perfect Strangers” and, rounding oout the triple, there are also - in “Scratch of A Man” and “Way” - two fine examples of the kind of edgy sugar free guitar pop that is the icing on the cake of the better Glasgow bands of these times.

Whilst going in three directions might be seen by some as problematic, Supercuts have, at the very least, given themselves some strong options for their next release. After all, Dairylea cheese has a very triangular format and look how popular that has become.

Available from Bandcamp and other online places.

Best song? The episodic “Scratch of a Man”.

The verdict? Interesting.

Available from Bandcamp and other online places.
Review Date: March 9 2020