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  Better Run by Lemon Drink

Better Run cover art

Artist: Lemon Drink
Title: Better Run
Catalogue Number: Last Night From Glasgow LNFGD62
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

As I rummage through the trashcan that is my mind, I find much in the way of thoughts about twee indie pop bands from the no mean city of Glasgow. That’s nice because even I think that kittens are cute and that wistful is always better than EDM but surely there must be a band within the nine square miles with claws that haven’t been clipped and, perhaps, there is even one with a low calorie name like Lemon Drink?

Yes, there is and they have added enough in the way of what they used to call sass to their EP “Better Run” to satisfy the appetite of any indie popster with a hunger for literate post-feminist observations packaged up in three minute and change chunks. Even better, by skilfully decorating these four songs with flowery guitar flourishes, enticing melodies and folk flavoured harmonies, Lemon Drink allow even the most casual listener to take all that is here at face value and find enjoyment even if, cunningly concealed in plain sight, there is more than enough substance to captivate the connoisseur.

But don’t get me wrong. We aren’t talking political protest here. The lyrics are sharp and the intent always clear yet Lemon Drink, refreshingly, haven’t forgot that it is always about the song. Get that right and those minutes spent listening will never be wasted and I, being a betting man, will wager that there is plenty more fruit waiting to be harvested from their song tree.

Best song? The breathless “Manic”.

The verdict? I would bottle Lemon Drink if I could.
Review Date: March 11 2020