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  Bad For You EP by AKA George

Bad For You EP cover art

Artist: AKA George
Title: Bad For You EP
Catalogue Number: Anti Fragile Music
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

In these times of introspections, you get to wondering if the art of writing songs that you might want to sing along with in the shower has been deprecated in favour of a fifteen take digitally corrected reflection on how deeply one might feel about that fucking Fairtrade latté that you had in that cloned corporate coffee shop three weeks ago.

Well, if you can still put your fingers on a volume control without feeling guilty then maybe, just maybe, you might like to inform your neighbours of the presence of AKA George. I’ve no idea who he might be, or even who he might have been, as he claims to have deleted himself several times. Maybe he is just a sly self-promoter on the make for fame or maybe, again just maybe, he the kind of guy that makes the kind of music that would make you want to join him in some old school tour bus style debauchery.

No matter, for you have three songs here – “Bad For You”, “Up All Night” and “Stone Cold Classic” – that go large on making you want to sing along and play some rifftastic air guitar and, while that might well be the way of yesterday, who can argue with AKA George’s ability to set your ears on fire? Not me, that’s for sure!
Review Date: March 29 2020