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  Bunch of Fucking Hits by Chick Boyd

Bunch of Fucking Hits cover art

Artist: Chick Boyd
Title: Bunch of Fucking Hits
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

If ever someone was destined to have no hits whatsoever then it would be Chick – aka Charles – Boyd so it can safely be assumed that calling his album “Bunch of Fucking Hits” was meant as the act of ultimate irony.

To refresh your memory, I will remind you that Chick Boyd – after a promising start – has spent his musical career nose diving into a pit of juvenile inuendo in an attempt to drown his demons. I would therefore like to assume that these ten songs are a compilation of the high (ha!) points of his long musical career and I am going to continue thinking that as it will obviate any requirement to actually listen to any more of discography than I have to. Suffice to say, the delicate poetry that so often permeates his lyrics is still present on this album and, if you are a fan of such things, then I am sure that song titles like “Horny Biker Slut” and “Anal Granny” will tempt you to press the play button. Oh, and whilst I remember, three of these songs actually exceed a ten minute running time. Listen and learn what eternal damnation sounds like.

So, more of the same from Chick Boyd. Enough said.

Best song? Best song? Try finding one that you can make it through.

The verdict? Hits. Shit. It's an anagram.
Review Date: April 4 2020