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  Five Things by Small Town Tigers

Five Things cover art

Artist: Small Town Tigers
Title: Five Things
Catalogue Number: Area Pirata Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

Is this the beginning of a new beginning? Or simply another echo of past that now predates even the memory of those who claim to remember it? Or is it just Rimini’s own Small Town Tigers making some girls and guitars noise with their “Five Things” album?

Damn right it is. Small Town Tigers are the kind of rough and ready band that will undoubtedly cause juvenile delinquency and, amongst those too old to be juvenile, truly excessive beer consumption for to bop without beer is unthinkable and there is no option other than to bop when you have the volume turned up all the way to ten and this unpretentious album of misdemeanour and fun is in your ears.

"Five Things" isn’t a deep album or an album overdosed on artistic intent. It is an album both splendidly straightforward and enjoyably enthusiastic in its execution and I, for one, wanted it to go on longer than it did. God bless Small Town Tigers for I am young again!
Review Date: April 8 2020