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  The Frontiers by The Frontiers

The Frontiers cover art

Artist: The Frontiers
Title: The Frontiers
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

I once went down Ayrshire way. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time as most ideas do when you have them. Anyway, what does Ayrshire have to do with anything musical? Well, the Frontiers are from Ayrshire and their self-titled EP recently came my way.

It would seem that, while The Frontiers are a young band, they are also a band who have wholeheartedly embraced both the music of the past and the blue collar sentiments that made such sounds resonate in the ears that grew up with them. That’s not to say that The Frontiers are merely another addition to the current Scottish indie rock scene either as, and this is largely due to the streetwise attitude that Keir Mitchell adopts to deliver those sharper than average lyrics, there is a greater purpose here than a mere song or two to accompany Friday night’s beer.

So, while “Sober Again” and “In Laws” have obvious crowd pleasing attributes, it is the fact a young band squeezed in an interlude – yes, an interlude - to keep the other four songs company that makes me suspect that their best days are yet to come. I shall look forward to hearing what they do next.
Review Date: April 21 2020