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  Shadow Work by Kim Logan and The Silhouettes

Shadow Work cover art

Artist: Kim Logan and The Silhouettes
Title: Shadow Work
Catalogue Number: Swamp Thing Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

There are times when you get to thinking that the world is shrinking and all music is duly getting scaled down to fit the shrunken expectations and introspective eccentricities of those who believe the brand is everything. Deep thoughts perhaps, but such ramblings do neatly lead me on to “Shadow Work” by Kim Logan and The Silhouettes.

In a time when every brand is just a contract manufactured reissue of the past, you might think that some school old blues rock, admittedly infused with a tour bus full of west coast take it out on to the road guitar moves, would be just so much more dust on your stylus yet, by the simple and yet so often forgotten addition of sheer musical presence, Kim Logan and The Silhouettes prove themselves more than capable of taking us all out on to the highway of life with them on a mission to tear down the walls of Jericho.

With a near religious zeal, Kim Logan and The Silhouettes go large at every opportunity. No matter how you look or listen to it, “Shadow Work” isn’t the kind of album that will fit into a small box for easy postage as even at her most restrained, such as in “Western Medication”, Kim Logan’s voice could easily mow down an entire street filled with mediocrity and, when her musical cohorts get their tyres smoking, they transform themselves into the kind of band that could easily fill a stadium.

Choose your brand carefully and it will make you happy. Choose Kim Logan and The Silhouettes and turn that volume right up for this is a band that are better for you than bran flakes.

Available from Bandcamp and other online places.

Best song? Classic rock goes large with “Dirty Business”.

The verdict? Can I have some more please?
Review Date: April 21 2020