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  Natural Selection by Fruit Tones

Natural Selection cover art

Artist: Fruit Tones
Title: Natural Selection
Catalogue Number: Fuzzkill FKR050
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2019

Next one out of the cassette box is “Natural Selection” by Manchester’s very own Fruit Tones and this cassette makes an appearance courtesy of Glasgow’s Fuzzkill label. It comes in a green box and the cassette itself is orange. Green and orange are colours that often go together. Glasgow corporation buses used to come in those colours back in the days when a shilling was a shilling. Anyway, it looks like the picture below.

Fruit Tones cassette

The music? Verging on legendary and that’s the truth. Sure, Fruit Tones pull all the prime garage rock, surf punk and even Merseysound influences off the musical tree and puree them for all they are worth so they should sound like the many bands who have walked the path to the past have before them yet they don’t. Raucous but with a very modern diffidence, Fruit Tones play like they invented it all. As I am prone to saying, best played loud whilst smoking, drinking and wondering if you will die before you get old. This, my friends, is 100 proof rock ‘n’ roll spirit. But on a cassette.

The cassette is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: April 29 2020