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  The Dark Hores by Zilverbacks

The Dark Hores cover art

Artist: Zilverbacks
Title: The Dark Hores
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

I wonder if this album came with a press release. I don’t think that it did but, since I am somewhat remiss when it comes to reading such things anyway, that will not stop the words on “The Dark Hores; At A Time When Time Was Irrelevant” by Zilverbacks.

Zilverbacks. Not so much a group but the musical outpourings of a certain Chris Harris who, it would appear, has multi-instrumentalist aspirations. The resulting songs have that one man on a mission feel with Mr Harris floating his sandpapered voice over the top of a well of reverb distanced guitars and, while such a description may put off those used to a more finely polished approach, there is an underlying artistic determination pervading this album that brings the listener closer to the performer than major label marketing department would ever allow.

So, while “The Dark Hores” is a minor album in a melancholy key, there is something within the songs that may well prove appealing to both rock and folk fans looking for something closer to the shadows.

Note that the CD reviewed – which looked like it might be the release version – came with a mastering fault that duplicated one of the tracks and lost one of them altogether.
Review Date: May 11 2020