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  Get Those Crazy Notions! by Gary B & the Notions

Get Those Crazy Notions! cover art

Artist: Gary B & the Notions
Title: Get Those Crazy Notions!
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

There was a time when pop music was a simple thing. A bunch of musicians would get together, practise a bit and record a song about a girl. Then they would get robbed by their record company and end up driving a taxi for the rest of their lives. But the song would live on. Generation after generation would discover it on an oldies station or on the soundtrack to some movie. Bluesbunny hopes that this fate does not befall Baltimore's Gary B and the Notions.

This seven track release certainly has a future classic in it.  This band keep things simple. They play guitar pop like Weezer with a smattering of Scotland's Aztec Camera. There is a timeless quality to their songs. "Exercise Song" takes a wry look at the trivialities of relationships that make it through to the light of day. "Taller than a Human" is introspective in an almost philosophical way and has a nice quirky edge to it. The song about a girl? Yes, there is indeed one in "Lori". A classic in the making. It could have been recorded yesterday or fifty years ago. You know that people will be singing along to this one even if they don't know anyone called Lori.

It isn't poetry but it is feel good music. Just the thing to listen to in your car on those night time drives or any other time when you need music that has that sentimental edge. I wonder if there is a real Lori out there.
Review Date: July 23 2007