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  The World Above by Bitter Moon

The World Above cover art

Artist: Bitter Moon
Title: The World Above
Catalogue Number: La Suisse Primitive LSP-018
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

Sometimes you hear an album that you think should be a soundtrack to a film that you have seen but it isn’t and that pretty much describes the aftereffects of exposure to “The World Above” by Bitter Moon.

All those analogue synth sounds are reminiscent of some artistically created urban diorama of a time yet to come that has been presented to you as an accompaniment to a movie destined for cult status and, as such cult status is often thrust upon the movie in question rather than being actively sought, I can also see cult status being thrust upon this album that sees man and machine speak as one.

To the music. The electronic sounds of the past are sequenced into a hypnotic oneness yet the sequencer does not appear to have gained complete control over the proceedings as the brooding, transistorised, paranoia that powers “Zenos Paradox” is repeatedly overpowered by the robotic soul of “Images “ or “Gloria” before finally merging into the Teutonic poetry of “Kontaktseinheit” as if to prove that the sorcery of the analogue synthesiser combined with the human voice will always triumph.

“The World Above” paints pictures in your head and, while said pictures are always in black and white, they are still pictures of today rather than yesterday. A future cult choice, methinks.
Review Date: May 19 2020