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  Right Kind of Crooked by Angelina Hunter Trio

Right Kind of Crooked cover art

Artist: Angelina Hunter Trio
Title: Right Kind of Crooked
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

I like the traditional things in life. Like bacon and eggs. Like whisky and beer. Like blues rock. I know many of you do too so you might well like the Angelina Hunter Trio’s EP “Right Kind of Crooked”.

This trio from Canada are no worshippers of the God of three minute wonders as these songs, in the best blues rock tradition, roll on towards the five minute mark and beyond infused with the enough in the way of cigarettes, whisky and midnight musical misadventures to provide proof that they are the real deal. The drums thud in that unstoppable until dawn kind of way, the bass stays solidly on the right track and you get plenty in the way of fluid guitar workouts too. That’s just the way I like it.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this spirited trio is that they get better when they slow it down. Undoubtedly, they have plenty of robust moves to keep the feet on the floor moving as fast as the beer moves over the bar but, when it comes to a showdown, it is “Show Me A Sign” that gives Ms. Hunter then opportunity to shine and it is that song that provides the evidence I need to allow me to state confidently that I’ll sticking around for the next one.

One for my baby, one for the road and one for the barmaid. The Angelina Hunter Trio has all of that. And there’s always time for another beer. Play loud.
Review Date: June 11 2020