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  Delerio Escarlata by Debbie

Delerio Escarlata cover art

Artist: Debbie
Title: Delerio Escarlata
Catalogue Number: CD1002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

This is essentially 70's disco meets 80's Europop.  Perhaps not the most appetising combination of ingredients you may be thinking.  However, thanks to a healthy dose of hot Latin rhythms and a hint of urban funk thrown in, you'd be wrong.  And with a wonderfully dynamic and energetic performance from Debbie, to go with some superbly constructed songs, the result is near perfect holiday music that is equally suited to the beach as it is to the night club.

The opening track "Te Espero" is reminiscent of the best of late 70's disco with a thumping, throbbing and infectiously catchy beat that immediately gets you in the mood to get down and dirty.  With "Que Paso" Debbie treats us to a song with more of a modern funky and urban feel, and "Free" is another disco based track given a modern twist with some hot Latin funk.   The highlight however is undoubtedly "Obsesion" - a funky Prince-like song that the diminutive, purple squiggly one himself would be proud to perform.

With Debbie being Argentinean born, not surprisingly the majority of songs are sung in Spanish.  However you shouldn't let that put you of - good music is still good music regardless of the language.
Review Date: July 30 2007