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  Mystery 秘神 by Mong Tong

Mystery 秘神  cover art

Artist: Mong Tong
Title: Mystery 秘神
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

Where am I now? In the land of vaporwave methinks for my mind is spinning around in loops and samples to the sounds contained within “Mystery” by Mong Tong.

That said, this is an interesting album that transcends the essential limitations of synthetically transforming fragments of the past into rhythmically entrancing sonic connections that might make you ears twitch and, as if being the soundtrack from and of a hundred films you have only seen on VHS isn’t enough, “Mystery” provides a more than satisfactory psychedelic experience.

The way of discord is not their way and, despite the angularity inherent with merging new technology with old sounds, Mong Tong - brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi - are men of mystery and not slaves to conformity. Their way is the way of enigma and they are also undeniably successful in polishing off all those sharp corners to therefore safely walk that fine line between familiarity and existential intent.

I like albums that don’t seem to be about anything in particular but actually are and “Mystery” is such an album.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: June 22 2020