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  A Guide To Social Distancing by Leg Puppy

A Guide To Social Distancing cover art

Artist: Leg Puppy
Title: A Guide To Social Distancing
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

London 11:02am

Then you wake up. Everything looks familiar but nothing seems to be quite right. It’s the morning after a night on the town and living the urban dream has caused a gravitational collapse that has made the enormity of insignificance expand to fill your brain. Time for Leg Puppy.

But all those dreams from last night can still live in the daylight. Not many creatures of the night can. Ask any vampire. However, Leg Puppy can and, having appropriated the oppressive rigidity of the dancefloor, they mix excerpts from reality into the proceeds of their past midnight crimes to create a soundtrack that can survive in the cold light of day.

No poetry here either for this is a time of soundbites not a time of mists and mellow fruitfulness. The hard edged brutality of the beats provides the music with the wherewithal to walk the city streets and that consequent looped to the max unstoppability easily engages self-hypnosis mode. The walls crash down and this world where everybody is something and nothing at the same time merges into the same substance deprived nightmare.

Leg Puppy have put the weapons of the dancefloor to good use and using the clickbait title of “A Guide To Social Distancing” is further proof that they have their cynical finger on the pulse of the decaying corpse of today. All power therefore to them and, remember kids, it’s not wrong to push a Dalek down the stairs. They’re not real anyway.

Available from Bandcamp.

Best song? “Paycheck (Take My Life)”.

The verdict? Looped paranoia.
Review Date: July 4 2020