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  Nothing Belongs to Anything by Cosse

Nothing Belongs to Anything cover art

Artist: Cosse
Title: Nothing Belongs to Anything
Catalogue Number: À Tant Rêver du Roi/Grabuge Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

What the world need now is love, sweet love. Or fluffy bunnies and cute kittens. Or chocolate waterfalls. Especially chocolate waterfalls. But we live instead in a world where the sun only shines on a Tuesday and we are duly given plenty of time to ponder the shadows with “Nothing Belongs to Anything” by Cosse certainly being an album to ponder.

What musical path do Cosse follow in their search for the answer to their musical questions? Think thoughtful rambling in the key of existentialism mixed with math rock on a mission to transcend the barrier between here, there and psychedelia. Only this album is a deeper and darker thing than you might expect with the grubbiness of the urban biosphere colouring everything on the Cosse collective canvas.

Melodies dart in and out to avoid any accusations of self-obsessed complacency and, with only occasional vocal interjections, this album twists around itself holding these five songs that determinedly follow their own path together with scant lyrics of poetic ambiguity guaranteed to lead your mind astray. That which expands will always fill a gap.

Best Song? The exquisitely rambling “Pin Skin”.

The verdict? Intellectual meandering set to music.
Review Date: August 7 2020