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  Call Me Crazy by Vertigini

Call Me Crazy cover art

Artist: Vertigini
Title: Call Me Crazy
Catalogue Number: Urban Solo US002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

All female rock bands are surprisingly still somewhat a rarity, and we suspect even more so in Italy.  So we're delighted to say this is one of the best we've heard in quite some time.  And they come armed with an album full of cracking tracks (all conveniently sung in English).

The title track "Call Me Crazy" is a great piece of rock with a hint of pop influence running through it.  "Watching The Daylight" on the other hand is a slower and more subdued song that allows the band to demonstrate that they're more versatile then the average rock band.  As does "Electrica" for that matter - starting with a bluesy acoustic guitar it builds into a full blooded epic of thundering peaks and understated troughs.  Of the others "Slavery" is a terrific blend of pop and rock, while "Good Human Being" with its switches of pace and tempo has a bit of Kinks feel to it.

With excellent arrangements and superb vocals hopefully we will be hearing a lot more of this band.  They certainly have the potential, the looks and the songs to go far.  What more can we say other than this is a band that is all rock, all woman and all good!!
Review Date: July 30 2007