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  There’s Something Here by Monogroove

There’s Something Here cover art

Artist: Monogroove
Title: There’s Something Here
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

It is probably a sign of the times that I don’t get to hear many bands that could be accused of producing songs that contain any sort of hope so it is perhaps no surprise that, to give us songs of that sort, Monogroove have pulled the musical influences for their latest album “There’s Something Here” from way back in the sixties.

So, with a healthy dose of the old jingle jangle and harmonies plenty, Monogroove set out to put a bit of sunshine back in our lives. While painting pictures in psychedelic pop brush strokes is hardly new – in fact, it is very nearly fashionable these days – few pull it off as convincingly as Monogroove do with their easy going style easily capturing the woozy drifting sounds of those past times and, through that sweet smelling smoke, all that you can see is blue sky and all that you can hear is upbeat pop songs happily spinning at 45rpm. And there’s even a respectful cover of “Magical Mystery Tour” to make sure that you know where this band is coming from.

Maybe Monogroove are a band that will last for ever? Now, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? Yes, I’m getting to feel a bit sentimental now.

Best song? The flower poppy “If I Were To Say”.

The verdict? Pop in the sixties California style.
Review Date: August 10 2020