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  Łø by Kevin Daniel Cahill

Łø cover art

Artist: Kevin Daniel Cahill
Title: Łø
Catalogue Number: Komponist (LNFGK)
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

You’ve got a great big pile of albums to listen to and only a limited time to do so. How, you might ask, do you choose your section for the day? Everything is digital, of course, so there’s won’t be a chocolate cake attached to a CD to tempt you. You might even consider reading the press release but that generally leads you straight down the path of disappointment, yet it was the press release for “Łø” that motivated me to press the play button on Kevin Daniel Cahill.

For Kevin Daniel Cahill is from the Airdrie of Lanarkshire and that is not a town that even the most charitable would associate with the creation of elegant and complex music. Until now that is, for with carefully considered style and precisely performed eloquence, Mr Cahill has produced an album – or, more correctly, a mini album as these three songs top out inside 22 minutes – that seems more like the product of polite society.

There is nothing urban here with these three songs – musical interludes would actually be more accurate as, without words, songs seem too trivial a term – roll over the hills and valleys in search of storm clouds. Nor is this mere ambient music forever cursed to play in the background for, with clear thematic purpose, there is never any doubt that “Łø” is an album that can take you forward on a journey into the land of your inner thoughts.

An album that makes you ponder rather than an album to be pondered, “Łø” exudes sophistication and duly leaves you in no doubt as to Kevin Daniel Cahill’s musical abilities.
Review Date: August 23 2020