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  Días de Vértigo by Los Madison

Días de Vértigo cover art

Artist: Los Madison
Title: Días de Vértigo
Catalogue Number: Good Sounds Music GS-14
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

We have to admit, we were taken a bit by surprise with this one.  It is one of those albums full of subtlety that grows on you with each listen.  It is also sung entirely in Spanish, and to be fair, as they are from Spain, this is not unreasonable!

Although it would be easy to classify it as another pop or rock record that would be misleading, and somewhat akin to forcing a square peg into a round hole.  Rather it is the blending of styles that contribute to making this album work so well.  There are hints of flamenco rhythms and fiery acoustic guitar that perfectly counter balance the American rock influences, and give the sound an entirely different character to what you might be expecting.

The outstanding tracks start immediately with "Ayer" ("Yesterday"), a middish tempo number with an acoustic beat at its heart.  "Trozos de Papel" ("Pieces of Paper") starts acoustically before gradually evolving into a great understated rock number along Tom Petty lines; while Sacame de Aqui" with its bouncy up tempo beat is pure pop of the highest order.  "Nadie" ("Nobody") on the other hand is a much slower song that just exudes Mediterranean fervour.  "El Punto Mas Alto" ("The Highest Point") is at times Springstein-esque, largely due to the Clarence Clemons like sax breaks - proving that 'El Jefe's' influence stretches far beyond the New Jersey boardwalks.

So put your prejudices aside, forget the latest hyped-up artists and take a stroll with Los Madison on the untamed side of music where fresh sounds still roam free.  You may find you like it - although in this case, you may not fully understand it!!
Review Date: August 3 2007