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  Shut My Head Up by Erroneous

Shut My Head Up cover art

Artist: Erroneous
Title: Shut My Head Up
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

I have a fondness for minimalistic synth pop. No point in denying it. I have shelves of the stuff dating back to the genre heyday of the eighties, yet I can always find room in my heart for some more especially if said music has some special seasoning to excite my ears. Erroneous has that special seasoning.

“Shut My Head Up” contains six casually paced songs that are possessed of the necessary ingredients to elevate themselves above the sounds of the street, or even the nightclub, to bask in the ever enticing light of the sun. In a way, that’s quite odd as the lyrics are thoroughly inward looking but echoing purpose inside emptiness seems to come easily to Erroneous therefore turning all that she sings in an almost spiritual direction. It is that very quality that provides the fuel to lift her music upwards.

Although she doesn’t really do playful or poptastic, there is plenty of evidence here to prove that Erroneous is notably adept at injecting layered emotional intensity into the bloodless digital veins of the cold computer and, if you close your eyes, you will likely fall for her siren song.

Best song? The bleakly dramatic “I Gave Up”.

The verdict? Hymns for our time.
Review Date: October 25 2020