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  Maple Syrup by Chick Boyd

Maple Syrup cover art

Artist: Chick Boyd
Title: Maple Syrup
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

At least Chick Boyd is consistent. Well, as consistent as someone who lives inside loops of music whilst forever looping his lyrics inside his disjointed and thoroughly displaced reality. If this were to be your first exposure to the Chick Boyd then you might even think that “Maple Syrup” is an exercise in ironic reflection on the curse of political correctness.

But I think not. Maximising the smut content clearly comes naturally to our Mr Boyd and he has the choicest song titles that a man on the sex offenders list might wish for. How about “Danielle The Cum Receptacle”? Almost poetic. Or “I Love A Juicy Ass”. Surely an exercise in literate metaphors. For the record, there are actually 18 songs here – all in a similar throbbing vein – and even an extremely tolerant music fan will struggle to endure the full album.

On the plus side, in amongst the backing tracks are some pretty good examples of eighties style plastic pop although some are more than a bit familiar and I also learned a new phrase – “puppy chow” – and a new use for it that I would never, ever, have considered.

Nonetheless, this is absolutely an album that long outstays its welcome. Less is truly more.

Best song? Just leave it blank…

The verdict? No, no, no.
Review Date: October 30 2020