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  Where Time Suspends by Rosie Nimmo

Where Time Suspends cover art

Artist: Rosie Nimmo
Title: Where Time Suspends
Catalogue Number: Kick My Heels RN004
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2021

What should we expect of a singer songwriter in these forlorn times? Uplifting tales perhaps, or historical reminiscences? Or neither as Rosie Nimmo demonstrates within the bijou walls of her fourth album “Where Time Suspends”.

This album has apparently been several years in the making which probably reflects more on the financial impact of recording and releasing an album than on any particular technical complexity as these songs are simply arranged and performed. This approach gives them an appealing directness and implied honesty with her choice of topics ticking all the correctness boxes whilst, in the very presentation of these songs, cleverly duplicating the shallow view of life that all such correctness inevitably brings. Fortunately, there are also some whimsical interludes – such as the possibility of cats achieving ascension in “Heaven” – to lighten the tone of what could have been melancholic overdose.

“Where Time Suspends” is an album that won’t upset your cat or, for that matter, that nice woman who works in the PDSA shop on Nicolson Street. We live in underwhelming times and Rosie Nimmo has demonstrated that she knows just how a soundtrack to these grey days should sound.

Available from Bandcamp and the usual digital places.
Review Date: January 24 2021