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  What Elephant? by Sucka Brown

What Elephant? cover art

Artist: Sucka Brown
Title: What Elephant?
Catalogue Number: Roho Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Rock meets funk courtesy of Sucka Brown.  And they blur the boundaries of both to create a sound that comes across as what a Red Hot Chili Peppers and Funkadelic jam session might have sounded like.

"Throw Your Weight Around" sets the tone with its chunky guitar driven rhythm over a solid percussive beat from bass and drums.  "Guinea Pig", although edging more towards rock, keeps a great funky guitar sound at its core.  The highlight is "Sideways", a more subdued song with just a hint of a ska rhythm creeping in to give it distinctive and catchy pop sound.  While "No Tell Motel" has a more complex structure with clever changes of tempo making it another standout track.

Sucka Brown is a band that knows how to work the rhythm in order to wring every last ounce of energy from their songs.  In fact, we should probably have a new genre for this type of rock and funk fusion.  We were thinking of 'Ronk' or perhaps even 'Fuc…' oh well, perhaps not!!
Review Date: August 5 2007