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  Tonight and Every Night by Greyhound Soul

Tonight and Every Night cover art

Artist: Greyhound Soul
Title: Tonight and Every Night
Catalogue Number: Resilience Records RS05001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Arizona. The name of that fine state conjures up pictures in your mind of rundown towns and a dry, dusty landscape. Giving us a perfect soundtrack to these images is “Tonight and Every Night” from Greyhound Soul. It has 10 haunting, desolate tracks that call to you from the heart of another tortured soul.

There is a tangible of melancholy that pervades the proceedings. The exquisite “Do What You Do” exemplifies this with its portrayal of the inability to guide those you love.  “Midnight Radio” highlights the room filling drumming of Alan Anderson and that sits nicely alongside Joe Peña’s from the heart growling, howling vocals. “Wait on Me” seems positively light-hearted in musical terms but the lyrics again exude pain and strife. The best is saved to last in the form of an 8 minute and 26 second symphony by the name of “I’ll Wait Around” that describes what happens when your reason to live walks out that door.

Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint exactly why you like an album. This was the case with this release. Joe Peña’s world weary vocals add to the atmosphere of despair and darkness that pervades the songs. It is not a sunny album by any means but it has a depth and realism that makes for compelling listening and that draws you in. One play is not enough to appreciate it so give it some more of your time and you will indeed be rewarded. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: August 6 2007