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  My Life With The Imber Goat Cult by Drew Mulholland

My Life With The Imber Goat Cult cover art

Artist: Drew Mulholland
Title: My Life With The Imber Goat Cult
Catalogue Number: Subexotic Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

They say that love is a many-splendoured thing and they also say that a little devil worship never did anyone any harm and said worship would, in all probability, improve your chances of rapid advancement in a political career. I doubt that Drew Mulholland has any political ambitions yet his album “My Life With The Imber Goat Cult” does suggest that there is something of value to be found underneath the upside down cross.

“My Life With The Imber Goat Cult” does make for interesting listening though. In the absence of melody, rhapsody and harmony, these soundscapes– describing them as songs doesn’t seem entirely appropriate – combine to form something of a symphony about destiny with soundbites pulled from organic sources finding themselves sucked into an abyss inhabited by loops of brooding, tormented synthesisers. It’s a sonic experience that works best on headphones as the increased intimacy afforded by this sound reproduction method duly amplifies both the spiritual reflections and the feeling of displacement from the norm evoked by the repeated use of discordance.

Imber is a real place long known for things pagan and I would suppose that it is long overdue for either some sort of musical tribute or to be used as inspiration for some darker sonic musings. “My Life With The Imber Goat Cult” isn’t, therefore, going to be an album for everyone but those with more esoteric tastes will find it appealing.

The album is also available as a limited run of lathe cut vinyl.
Review Date: July 2 2022