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  Twang by Hound

Twang cover art

Artist: Hound
Title: Twang
Catalogue Number: GoldMold Records
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2022

Yeah. That will do it. Two songs on an orange cassette is better for you than a bottle of Irn Bru and a roil and square sausage the morning after a summer drinking session. I feel alive again and all it took was two songs from a band called Hound. If only all things in life were that simple.

Those two songs are “Twang” – the title track - and “Stock and they both have enough post punk power pop spice to season your ears all the way through breakfast and lunch. You might even want to put them on repeat as those hooks, oohs and take it to the wall choruses have life affirming powers that will cure all but the most critical of hangovers.

Four guys from Glasgow with all the right influences, Hound can do so much more than bark at the moon. May the force be with them always. That orange cassette is a limited edition available from Goldmold Records.
Review Date: July 24 2022