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  Voice & Story by Harrison Kennedy

Voice & Story cover art

Artist: Harrison Kennedy
Title: Voice & Story
Catalogue Number: Black & Tan B&T 025
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Sometimes it is nice to find that an artist shares your beliefs on what music is about. Canadian-born Harrison Kennedy - one-time member of Detroit r&b survivors The Chairmen of the Board - writes in his liner notes of the importance of the voice and the story in roots-orientated music. Exhibiting great variety in his voice, from gospel to funk, Harrison Kennedy is of a rare breed.

From the r&b shuffle of "Bad Luck and Trouble" to the gospel strut of "Make A Difference", it is apparent that Kennedy's own eventful life has rubbed off on his songwriting. Fortunately, Kennedy has made an album that people can relate to. Desperate love songs like "Going Down" will strike a note with anyone who has had love and lost it. Kennedy means the words he sings, and if this album could be judged on the purity of his words, it would be massive.

All the expected themes - love, death, and women - are present on the album. While Kennedy doesn't stray far from the supposed fundamentals of roots music, he manages to keep with the times and not sound ancient. "Voice & Story" comes from the heart and soul. In the grand scheme of things, this means little, but Harrison Kennedy pairs his words with equally honest roots music. This is music for the soul, not for the bank account.
Review Date: August 9 2007