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  Krysalis by Alice Kry

Krysalis cover art

Artist: Alice Kry
Title: Krysalis
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

I like a well written song and, if you want to hear well written songs, then you are likely to be taking a trip down Nashville way for that is where all the most highly polished, paid and praised songwriters will be found these days. Alice Kry certainly sounds like she has studied the ways of Nashville and her album “Krysalis” is duly filled with songs that make the grade.

There are those who despise music with such a clear commercial direction and there are those who say that there are singers who are nothing without their own songs and you could indeed say that of Alice Kry as, with just one listen to this album, you wouldn’t expect her to knock out an album full of standards. She sings as if she is talking to you whilst telling you tales of how it is and, to her credit, it is that focus on reality that elevates her above the other sugar princesses. It’s her way and it works.

I would therefore also suppose the ten songs on “Krysalis” would appeal more to the female ear than the male. I, as you might imagine by now, suppose a lot of things yet there is no denying that Alice Kry has both the substance and Nashville style to head onwards and upwards.

Best song: The downright bouncy “Upside To Down.”

Verdict: Pleasingly commercial.
Review Date: October 10 2022