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  Fate by Life in Sodom

Fate cover art

Artist: Life in Sodom
Title: Fate
Catalogue Number: Nutrix NTX0013
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2022

It’s a bleak world that we live in but, no matter, every world deserves a soundtrack and, as if to provide one for our times, the long established Life In Sodom give us their “Fate” EP.

Five songs are what you get and not a single smile will be found hidden in any of them. These songs are dark and not without a degree of poetic intent yet they are still unmistakeably songs of the shadows with the gothic stylings sufficiently evident to convince all that will listen that wearing black is the only thing to do. With that said, “Fate” is more than hair dye and mascara with some delicate female vocals providing the counterpoint to those oppressive riffs and demonstrating that focus is one of the benefits of keeping a musical force on course for all these years.

So, would the soundtrack for our times really be Life in Sodom or would it be some Scandinavian melodic metal band? It would be Life in Sodom every time. Angels can wear black too.
Review Date: October 25 2022