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  Shout At The Hetero by Middle Aged Queers

Shout At The Hetero cover art

Artist: Middle Aged Queers
Title: Shout At The Hetero
Catalogue Number: Sell Your Heart/Say 10 Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

I really should take time to read the press release. Yes, I really should take time to read the press release. I keep saying that but I never do so I was not quite prepared for the onslaught that is “Shout At The Hetero” by Middle Aged Queers.

Assumption is the mother of all deep dives into the abyss and, little did I know, Middle Aged Queers are actually that and, whilst clearly a hard to kill throwback to the days when punk was more than just an insult, they duly transcend the boundaries of time in order to turn the volume up to eleven and set off on their self-described mission to “make punk gay again.” Connoisseurs of these things should note that this is punk American style so there is no mention of Margaret Thatcher in any of these songs and, instead, there are some curious, presumably historical, substitute references to size and a search for Attila the Hung. So, not quite political rhetoric then but just when you think it would be safe to use a public toilet again, Middle Aged Queers tune their radio to subtlety, right turn their speed wagon, onto the boulevard of broken dreams and end this album with the cascading splendour of “Dorothy”. I do like surprise endings.

Underneath the bluster and hardcore riffs, I think Middle Aged Queers must actually be nice people. I shall pray for them, and you should buy their album so that they can afford the bus fare to get to church.

The vinyl LP is available from Sell Your Heart Records, Say 10 Records and Bandcamp.
Review Date: October 29 2022