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  Roche Humaine by Bayta

Roche Humaine cover art

Artist: Bayta
Title: Roche Humaine
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

I just can’t enough Canadian electro pop these days. Either that or it can’t get enough of me. It’s the curse I get to live with even if “Roche Humaine” by Bayta is actually the kind of album that could truly be described as easy on the ear.

“Roche Humaine” – Human Rock to those of us that live on the correct side of the pond – rolls like the work of a woman on a mission with each song merging sinuously and harmoniously into the next. Elegance is the key ingredient here with nothing less than, the oft forgotten, melody holding these songs firmly on course. Bayta, for her part, integrates her voice into each song with considerable subtlety and, adding in the exotic seasoning that only the French language can bring, she turns each song into a reason to believe. She intoxicates me.

The catchphrase of a musician I used to know was “Stay Classy!”. If you want to know how to stay classy, then you need do nothing more than listen to “Roche Humaine”.

Best song: The dreamy “Moutons.”

Verdict: I sigh therefore I am.

Roche Humaine No catalogue number 2022
Review Date: October 29 2022